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Our community is full of rich stories. I’m grateful to those who have inspired me, believed in me, shared their experience and contributed to my story.
Commissioner Willie Charles Shaw

Commissioner Willie Charles Shaw

Former Mayor of the city of Sarasota
I have known and had to opportunity to work with Aimee Chouinard on many occasions over the past 17 years. She is quite a giving and compassionate individual who takes every moment as a moment of seriousness. She has, over the period that I have known her, shown exceptional communication skills, being able to bring people together on many occasions when others were not. She possesses a work ethic that is very exemplary, completing tasks creatively and innovatively to meet the challenges presented to her.
Sharon Juraszek, Fermentationist

Sharon Juraszek

Fermentationist, Fermentlicious
Aimee Chouinard is a knowledgeable marketing and PR guru. She really gets it. She is a connector and extremely resourceful. She helped me grow my business, connecting me with key people within the community. She is a deep thinker and is considering alternatives every step of the way. My company started out as a side project, yet Aimee encouraged me to reach out and to continue to raise the bar with product development and marketing. I am grateful for her passion and commitment to my success! 

Kristin Johnson, Co-owner of Oriental Zen Tea

Kristin Johnson

Co-owner, Oriental Zen Tea
I met Aimee while on my first store pitch. She overheard me trying to get a meeting with the buyer and piped in that if I had certified organic green tea from China she would buy it right then. I got my meeting and later had tea with Aimee. Right away, she had amazing ideas for our new company. I have consulted Aimee on packaging, sizes, store approach, marketing ideas and business strategy. Oriental Zen tea is now in more than 100 stores and I continue to contact Aimee when we have a new product idea or I come up against difficult decisions. Aimee has helped us stay true to our vision of bringing health to people via quality tea.
Betsy Nelson, LHMC, Founder of Sarasota Mindfulness Institute

Betsy Nelson

LMHC, Founder of Sarasota Mindfulness Institute and senior teacher
I consulted Aimee Chouinard when we were creating the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute. I knew Aimee as someone especially versed in expressing the message of nonprofits. She not only came to meetings to familiarize herself with Mindfulness work, she enrolled in the eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course so she could get first-hand experience. Aimee helped me create our Facebook page, communications, literature and outreach. I've continued to consult her over the years and she always provides a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. I only wish that I could've hired Aimee for everything!

Isaac Zamora, MD, President, Isaac Zamora Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

 Isaac Zamora, MD

President, Isaac Zamora Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
I have hired Aimee Chouinard to be my public relations and marketing director. Aimee is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in her profession. She has implemented wonderful ideas to incorporate into my practice and social media presence so that my business will continue to grow, including completing the content writing and format for my website, which truly reflects the nature of my medical practice. I would recommend Ms. Chouinard without hesitation to anyone who is looking to increase their business through innovative marketing.
Dennis DiNoia, M.A. Ed., Creator of Mr. D Math

Dennis DiNoia

M.A. Ed., Creator of Mr. D Math
I’m a math guy. I am a sales guy. I am an entrepreneur. I am not a writer, editor or social media guru. Although I have written 5 math courses, so go figure. How did all this happen? One really smart thing I did when I was first launching my business was to hire Aimee to work with me on social media and marketing materials. Not only did she give me a marketing plan to follow, she worked with me on how to brand my product. She also took the load off of me when it came to writing press releases and other marketing materials I didn’t know I needed. That certainly paid off! Today I am one of the top providers of products and services in my field. I now provide services on 3 different continents. I started with 20 clients in a small town called Sarasota, FL. Today my programs are national and international with several under clients.

Donna Powell, Owner of Powell Promotions

Donna Powell

Owner of Powell Promotions, Menu Magazine SRQ & the Taking Care of Business Network
Thank you so much, Aimee Chouinard, for helping us get the word out about events such as our Business Expo and "A Taste Of Sarasota". There are plenty of things I can do on my own, but press releases and PR are not my forte - however, you shine at them! Once I pick up the phone and you take it from there - I know I don't have to give that part of my business another thought. Aimee is on the job!
John McCarthy, Former Executive Director, Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence (SCOPE)

John McCarthy

Former Executive Director, Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence (SCOPE)
Everyone has a story to tell and few have the time, skill or confidence to put pen to paper. Aimee's talent is to take your story and craft a compelling narrative that fully expresses your family, civic or business legacy. Deep community ties strengthen Aimee's insight and proved vital in our work together. 

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